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Gobeklitepe Temples


To unearth Gobeklitepe, the first shovel hit the ground in 1995. So far – in 18 years – six Gobeklitepe temples have seen the light of day, but geomagnetic research says there are at least 18 more installations to uncover. The six which were dug out were tagged as temples as A, B, C, D, E and F.


Tests have shown that three of the Gobeklitepe Temples belong to the same time period, which is around 10.000 BC. One thing became clear from the get-go… these monumental stone circles had never been roofed, but had rather served as open air installations, with not just enclosures, but also several layers of walls surrounding the central pillars.


Evidently those walls are concentric in nature, but chances are that there was a spiral way leading to it. Although still unclear, at temple C that seems to be the case. Other temples were built much later than the original structures, give or take a 1,000 years later. Here the format changes, and becomes more square shaped, resembling those from later times, found at Cayonu, Hallan Chemi and Nevala Chori.