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WorldsFirstTemple.com – The Movie on Gobeklitepe


“Everyone and everything has a story to tell”… That’s how the “Gobeklitepe – The World’s First Temple” film begins, and appropriately so. What we have here is a magnificent story that takes history of humanity back another 6,000 years. Consider all the time that has passed from ancient Sumer up to now… then go as much back in time. That is the time period this film is covering… and we are not talking about cave men here either. What we are looking at is a temple complex so impeccably preserved, and with evidence so clear, that it might as well have been carved yesterday. Göbeklitepe, Urfa-Turkey. The world’s first temple, dating 12,000 years back.

The film concentrates on scientific data, and throws in expert opinion on matters such as archeology, astronomy, mysticism, religion, and history. This process is covered by interviews with experts close to the project, as well as those who can look at it from a wider angle, as to the whys and hows. Klaus Schmidt (archeologist and head of the Göbeklitepe excavation) Metin Bobaroğlu (philosoper and mystic), B.G. Sidharth (astronomer and physicist) are some of them.