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1st Symposium on Gobeklitepe


The first international symposium on Gobeklitepe took place in Sanliurfa on October 6th,2012. The symposium sponsored by the municipality of Sanliurfa and Sarikiz Ltd. Co. has been attended by Prof. Klaus Schmidt, the head of the Gobeklitepe excavation site; Prof. Trevor Watkins, the doyen of neolithic archeology and Prof. B.G.Sidharth, professor of astronomy, astrophysics and Veda researcher.

The video recordings, the video scenario and subtitles were realized by the invaluable support of Akyürek Holding and those in charge can be accessed through this site. The first international symposium on Gobeklitepe can be watched in three separate videos and you can read a summary of the lecturers and their topics below.

Göbeklitepe Symposium Videos

The first lecturer  Professor Trevor Watkins has emphasized the importance of our having to rethink the concept of “Neolithic Revolution” after the discovery of Gobeklitepe. He also drew attention to the common features of structures found in other archeological sites in the region (Southeastern Anatolia and Northern Iraq). He embellished on the possibility of  the Gobeklitepe structures having been built due to their monumental features.

The second lecturer Prof. Klaus Schmidt, the head of the Gobeklitepe archeological site, started his speech giving information on the site and outlined the progression of the 17 year long excavation process. Schmidt continued talking on the statues found lately and on the structures claimed to be entrance gates, finishing up by answering questions of many participants.

The last lecturer of the symposium, Indian Astronomer and Physicist B.G.Sidharth made a presentation of his own interpretation of the holy Indian scriptures the Vedas and how this interpretation relates to Göbeklitepe. Professor Sidharth’s emphasis was on the possibility of the D Enclosure symbols being astronomical signs and thereby making it possible that the D Enclosure was an astronomical observatory itself.

Gobeklitepe Symposium 1st Lecturer - Mr.Trevor Watkins

Gobeklitepe Symposium 2nd Lecturer - Mr.Klaus Schmidt

Gobeklitepe Symposium 3rd Lecturer - Mr.B.G. Sidharth